Queens Baha’i Society

The Bahá’í Society at Queens University Belfast is run by a small collective of highly dedicated people and offers abounding solutions to any anxieties term time may foster. The most frequent is the wonderful Tranquility Zone, a fortnightly gathering for the sharing of profound quotations and prayers, relaxing music and group discussion. Previous themes have included Oneness of Religion, The Soul, and True Happiness & Joy, among others.

From time to time, the society also offers a study of ‘Reflections on the Life of the Spirit’, a study circle course designed by the worldwide Bahá’í Community to serve the spiritual needs of humanity, one person at a time! Of course, it is usually coupled with the fun and shenanigans that working for (and in) unity creates.

Needless to say everyone is more than welcome to come along to any splendid society events. For details Contact Us and we will respond.