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Meeting with the Lord Mayor of Belfast, May 2019

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On 13 May Jamie Anderson and Gemma Halligan from Belfast Bahá’í community had a very positive meeting with the Lord Mayor of Belfast Deirdre Hargey and presented her a Bahá’í book. The Lord Mayor mentioned her underpinning themes for the year were diversity, inclusion, and rights for all citizens.

Jamie and Gemma were able to share the teachings of the Faith, about the oneness of humanity, progressive revelation, gender equality, and a discussion about community development in the City. They also spoke about the pattern of Baha’i life such as Feasts, Summer school, Holy days and worship.

It was a very warm encounter in which the Lord Mayor showed great willingness to assist the Bahá’í community to host future events in her parlour and the City Hall to foster community relations across the city.